Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Rhesus Solution Initiative (RSI), will tomorrow stage a walk to create awareness on Rhesus factor and genotype in Lagos.

The walk, according to RSI Founder/President Mrs Olufunmilayo Banire, is to sensitise the public on the importance of knowing their rhesus factors, blood group and genotype as well as to promote physical fitness.

She said: “Our primary objective is to create and promote awareness on blood group, Rhesus factor and genotype. We focus on rhesus negative mothers by helping them to achieve satisfying and healthy deliveries of live babies through Awareness, Counselling, Intervention, Training, Advocacy and Research (ACITAR).”

Rhesus negative women, RSI Coordinator Rasaq Olorunnimbe, are at risk of having repeated miscarriages, still births or infant death.

“Babies born to rhesus negative mothers can have Rhesus Disease, jaundice (yellowness of the eyes and skin) or retardation.

“Rhesus negative women must get Rhogam on Anti D injection 28 weeks into their pregnancies and within 72 hours after birth. They have to avoid abortion or get Rhogam injection after every abortion, miscarriage and delivery and they also must use a reliable health facility with qualified health workers for adequate care,” Olorunnimbe said.

This year’s walk with the theme, Walk For Life, would start by 7am.

It will take off from Isheri roundabout and end at Igando/Ikotun Local Council Development Area (LCDA).

Lagos State Deputy Governor Dr Idiat Adebule will lead senior government officials to the event.