pregnancyThe Nigerian health care system can be improved. Presently, many pregnant women face challenges in obtaining safe, effective, mother and child centered care. Most childbearing women are well and healthy and as such have every reason to expect an uncomplicated birth and a healthy newborn. Pregnancy, Labour and birth, and the early postpartum and newborn period are especially important and sensitive times in the lives of women and their families.

Rhesus iso-immunisation due to rhesus incompatibility is poorly studied among Nigerian women with many questions unanswered and many Nigerian women have suffered/is suffering untold psychological and physical trauma from problems associated with/precipitated by rhesus incompatibility.
Women have the responsibility to make informed decisions about their care beginning early in the teenage years, in the pre-pregnancy years, in early pregnancy through the postpartum period. The education they receive, the decisions they make and the care they get can have lasting effects on their health and the health of their babies.

Women and their families can improve the quality of maternity care for themselves and others by becoming informed, planning carefully, voicing their needs and concerns, and challenging the established childbirth beliefs and practices that are not beneficial to mothers and babies.
Institutions and society have the responsibility to provide care that respects and supports the innate physiology of pregnancy, labour and birth, and the mother/baby connection, and addresses the special needs of families with problems like rhesus incompatibility.


To create awareness about rhesus incompatibility.

To prevent the disease through access to anti D immunoglobulin as well as to qualitative management of the condition.

As the foremost organization creating awareness on rhesus incompatibility and its associated implications, we are committed to reducing its incidence through awareness and promotion of preventive and management strategies by advocacy and practice


A Nigeria with well-informed pregnant women having safe, effective and satisfying maternity care that results in healthy baby and happy mother. Also, in few years, rhesus incompatibility will no longer count as a source of perinatal morbidity and mortality

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