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Welcome to Rhesus Solution Initiative. We are registered Non – Governmental, Non – political, Not – for – profit organisation with    the   responsibility to sensitise the society about their blood group and    Rhesus status particularly teenagers and pregnant women in order to  prevent problems associated with rhesus disease or “Heamolytic    Disease” i.e Jaundice, Anemia, dyspnea or difficulty in breathing, mental    retardation or even neonatal death. We promote access to qualitative maternity care through our advocacy  programmes.

We play complementary roles to our primary health institutions by promoting access to Rho (D) immunoglobulin injections to women first  at 28 weeks gestation and within 72 hours after delivery.

Also, we advocate for provision of facilities for monitoring and    management of already sensitised pregnant women. We also advocate    for free blood testing i.e blood grouping, genotype and rhesus factor to    every female in Lagos and Nigeria.Our network of rhesus negative    people provide immediate blood donation. Ultimately, our aim is to    reduce infant mortality and maternal morbidity in order to achieve our    country’s Millenium Development Goal.


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To create awareness about rhesus disease and its causes amongst pre-teens, teenagers and women in urban and rural areas.

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To provide a data bank of all Rhesus negative people and be a ready source of blood donation in Lagos and Nigeria.

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To reduce the incidence of rhesus disease through provision of anti D immunoglobulin at subsidised rate.

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To advocate that all females have access to free blood group , genotype and rhesus factor test as well as other neccessary tests in pregnancy.


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