Our Programmes

RHESUS SOLUTION INITIATIVE was founded to create and promote awareness on Rhesus factor, Rhesus incompatibility and Rhesus disease (Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn). In line with her objectives, mission and vision, the organizations programmes are focused primarily around ACITAR


Public awareness campaigns in conjunction with different bodies, groups and organizations. Health talk on Radio, Television and the Print media.


Annual health walk tagged WALK FOR LIFE.
Fitness walk to create public awareness on rhesus factor and also to promote good health of participants. The exercise takes us to major roads in Lagos where handbills and awareness messages are sent out to the people.


A dedicated day to create and promote massive awareness on the importance of knowing our Blood group, Rhesus status and genotype as part of our identity. It takes RSI to the nooks and crannies of rural communities.


A project to educate students across all public secondary schools in Lagos state on the IMPORTANCE OF KNOWING THEIR BLOOD GROUP, RHESUS STATUS AND GENOTYPE AS PART OF THEIR IDENTITY. The program is in partnership with the Lagos state Ministry of Education through the education districts.

Free counseling for Teenagers and women on the meaning, importance and implication of their blood group and rhesus status. The counseled women are always advised to pass on the information to their families, friends, colleagues and neighbors.

As an intervention to support many financially challenged/less privileged rhesus negative women, RSI donates FREE ANTI-D IMMUNOGLOBULIN INJECTIONS (RHOGAM) to rhesus negative mothers across General hospitals, Primary Health centers, clinics and maternity homes within and outside Lagos state. (Images of some beneficiaries are available on the website). The cost of the Injection has constantly increased from N13, 000 in 2009, to N19, 000 in 2015 to N23, 000 in 2016 and N30, 000 in 2018.

Free blood group test for the general public at her awareness programs with special focus on teenagers, pregnant women, and women of child bearing age in order to identify the rhesus negative ones for further counseling.

Picture3RSI trains traditional and religious birth attendants on the importance of referring their patients to reputable laboratory for blood group and rhesus status test as part of the requirement for registering at their birth homes. They are also enlightened on all the details of rhesus incompatibility as well as the importance of the Rhogam injection.

RSI also accepts and train Volunteers on information about rhesus factor to equip them with adequate knowledge to be able to spread the rhesus factor awareness to all nooks and crannies.

RSI pays advocacy visits to relevant stakeholders and philanthropists within and outside the health sector to draw their attention to issues relating to Rhesus factor. Some of our advocacy points include:

    • Government to provide free Rhogam at all primary health Centers in Lagos state.
    • Increase the awareness on the Voluntary blood donation drive, especially for rhesus negative people.
    • Blood group testing at birth for newborn of rhesus negative women
    • Support for humanitarian cause.

We gather statistics on the prevalence of rhesus negative women and their distribution as part of the tool for health care stakeholders to make informed decisions and policies relating to rhesus negative people. We also promote research into studies that are related to Rhesus factor. As an organization, our ultimate goal is to reduce infant mortality and maternal morbidity arising from rhesus incompatibility, as our own contribution towards achieving some of our Sustainable Development Goals.