To create and promote awareness about importance of knowing the blood group, Rhesus status and Genotype as part of identity amongst pre-teens, teenagers and women in urban and rural areas.

To provide a data bank of all Rhesus negative people and be a ready source of blood donation in Lagos and Nigeria.

To advocate for accessibility of Anti D immunoglobin for all rhesus negative women during pregnancy at 28 week – gestation period and within 72 hours after delivery.

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To counsel rhesus negative women on prevention of Rhesus Incompatibility and provide solution for already sensitized women in the area of management and treatment.

To reduce the incidence of rhesus disease (HDFN) through provision of access to anti D immunoglobulin Injections.

To advocate that all females have access to free blood group , Genotype and rhesus factor test as well as other necessary tests Pre and during pregnancy.

To advocate for provision of facilities for monitoring and management of already sensitised pregnant women such as the doppler ultrasound, fetal blood sampling, fetal DNA testing and phototherapy and intrauterine transfusion.

To provide and support research into rhesus disease and its complications in Nigeria