Our Values

Our Values
  • Excellence driven by the highest standard of science ethics and operational performance.
  • Integrity in what we do and how we work
  • Responsiveness to the evolving needs of individuals, families and communities within dynamic environments.
  • Respect for human rights, the diversity of local cultures, and contributions of our partners / collaborators and colleagues at all levels.
  • Dedication to the pursuits of RSI Mission through the collective wisdom and experience of committed staff.
  • Accountability to those who benefit from our work, those who entrust us with their resources, our collaborators and one another.
  • Building sustainable capacity : RSI strengthens capacity to develop local responses to critical needs.
  • Establish partnerships: RSI pursue partnership with government, non-governmental organisations with similar beliefs and faith, individuals and corporate organisations in order to maximize impact.
  • Ensuring quality : RSI continuously ensures quality by defining standards, measuring performance, and applying results to exceed expectations.
  • Sharing Knowledge : RSI leads scientific research, and program innovation and share findings, tools and approaches with stakeholders at all levels.